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Made in Paso Robles. French at Heart.

Georges and Daniel Daou came of age in the south of France, where dry rosés were evocative and inspired a sense of joy and abandon. Their own DAOU Rosé is faithful in spirit and style to these wines of their youth.

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From the sun-soaked slopes of Provence to the glistening shores of the Côte d’Azur, dry rosés are nothing short of a seasonal staple in the south of France. Indeed, as the warming months of spring melt into the Mediterranean summertime, rosés become abundant at the daily dinner table and late-night bistros alike. Rosé is a way of life in France—one that brothers Georges and Daniel Daou learned to appreciate when they came of age in the city of Cannes. Not surprisingly, Georges and Daniel have embraced dry rosés as a fixture at DAOU, producing a wine that is faithful in style and spirit to the “Méthode Provencale” rosés they came to know and love.

Making rosé the right way has therefore become an obsession for Daniel, who closely follows the true Méthode Provençale when making our DAOU Rosé. “We choose high-end Grenache vineyards that are planted to limestone soils, just like those of southern France, because they impart this wonderful acidity, minerality and sense of balance,” Daniel says. The fruit is grown exclusively for rosé production.

“We put a lot of effort into barrel fermentation, lees stirring and final blending,” Daniel says. “This is the best—and most expensive—way to make a rosé. This is the DAOU way.” The result is a wine that transports the senses to Provence while exhibiting the pure fruit character of Paso Robles.

"Our rosé is a serious wine that you can enjoy with life's carefree moments.”

Daniel Daou, Winemaker & Co-Proprietor

2019 Discovery Rosé

Our 2019 Discovery Rosé is inspired by refreshingly dry rosés that are a winemaking staple in southern France. The grapes used to make this wine come from the Paso Robles region.

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2019 Reserve Rosé

Our 2019 Reserve Rosé is inspired by the iconic dry rosés of southern France and made using the Methode Provencale. This limited production wine expresses beautiful minerality and complexity found from the Calcareous Soil of Paso Robles.

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