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House of Soul of a Lion

Soul of a Lion is our flagship wine and a family tribute to Georges and Daniel’s father, Joseph. It celebrates the life of Joseph and the family’s journey from Lebanon to France and America. Despite the challenges and setbacks Joseph and the family faced, Joseph declared,

“We always came back roaring with the Soul of a Lion."

It is one of the darkest, most luxurious Cabernet Sauvignons in the world.

Made purely from ripe grapes with skins that melt on the tongue and no additives other than native yeast and nutrients, Soul of a Lion has the power and conviction of its name. With silky tannins and rich, velvety fruit, it is immediately approachable and has the structure, depth, and layered complexity to age 30+ years. Soul of a Lion is a tribute to courage, family, and unconditional love. We release this wine each year on February 11th, Joseph and Marie’s wedding anniversary.

Here is a wine that truly honors the legacy of Joseph and Marie Daou, a wine that has received highest ratings from every critic from its first vintage.

Daniel considers four elements when he makes Soul of a Lion. Daniel believes a great wine is a wine that has a beautiful bouquet, attacks on the palate, a great structure in the middle palate, and an endless, sumptuous finish all in perfect balance. These key elements lend themselves to the experience and pleasure of loving a wine—the friends and family, place and time, the meal, the history, the memories and emotions.

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“Someone said it, and it was so true. ‘I have a feeling that the way your parents loved you is the way you are loving the world.’ And that was the most profound thing I’ve heard, which summarizes, basically, everything, everything that we are and everything that we do.”

Georges Daou, Proprietor

2017 Estate Soul of a Lion

Our 2017 Estate Soul of a Lion is nothing short of a tour de force—a blockbuster vintage that showcases the innate power of DAOU Mountain.

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